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The GMC EduHub (GMC-EH) is a new player in the educational and student recruitment arena for countries of Southern, Eastern and Central Africa. It is an interdisciplinary entity of Gaborone Medical Centre (GMC), a company established in 2000 in Thebe Circle 2819, Ext. 10, Gaborone, with a long track record in specialist medical services. Since 2007, GMC have been involved in diversification and development of additional portfolios including university students placement, research and consultancies, training and education and in e-health systems and technologies.

The major strength of the GMC-EH today is a highly qualified team comprised of academicians, researchers, diplomats and business consultants with backgrounds in education, geography, medicine, dentistry, public health, engineering, health system finances, and IT. Some of our team members are former graduates from partner universities which GMC represents,which allows prospective students to have first hand information from alumni.

Currently GMC-EH works with recognized university partners from the European Union and Russia, representing 56 universities. These partners are carefully selected to address high quality educational demands of growing cohorts of young Africans. We pride ourselves in addressing specific needs of each individual applicant for different courses offered by partner universities in a comprehensive and sustainable manner.

GMC-EH is located in central Gaborone, the Capital of Botswana, which hosts the headquarters of Southern African Development Community (SADC), an economic union of 15 countries of southern, central and eastern Africa. GMC-EH premises are equipped with the state of art space dedicated to main aspects of its operation. Large classrooms, a conference room, offices, exhibition halls, IT Lab, and terraces are carefully crafted to address the needs of our local, regional and international customers. Proximity to the City Centre, Government Enclave CBD, University of Botswana, City Council, main shopping malls, and only 20 minutes drive from the SSK international airport, are additional assets of the GMC-EH position in this emerging city.

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Our Goal

The major goal of GMC-EH is to open the doors to affordable, sustainable, internationally accredited and recognized education for prospective African students who wish to advance their learning opportunities studying in the EU and Russia.



    • Giving every student a chance to obtain a university place at one of partner universities in Czech Republic, Lithuania, Cyprus and Russia.
    • Offering personalised service to every prospective applicant, recognizing and articulating his/her potentials for a particular area of study.
    • Enhancing applicant choices by providing them with a number of options based on partner universities comprehensive and academically relevant courses and programs.
    • Assisting students in selecting a suitable academic program which are fully aligned with candidate aspirations and preferences
    • Supporting university applicants from the first time they contact us, to the aimed preparation for the admission procedures.
    • Informing applicants, their parents and/or sponsors on all charges related to the entrance procedure and university fees.
    • Introducing them to other future students and alumni for getting more insights on particular faculties/programs and exchange individual experiences.
    • Inviting prospective applicants for GMC-EH exhibits and presentations.
    • Organizing 6-12 month foundation programs for students without an appropriate subject background to take the direct entry exams in medicine, dentistry and other fields which require entrance exam.
    • Organizing entrance exams and interviews at GMC-EH premises or in the country of applicants origin in case of larger groups of applicants, with physical presence of external examiners from particular faculty.
    • Offering advisory service on emigration procedures and study visas, and all aspects of study life abroad.
    • Following enrolled students all the way to the successful start of studies at the university’s orientation weeks.
    • Asssting candidates in deciding which language option of studies (English or local) can give more advantages during and/or after the course of study.
    • Monitoring and informing students about the progress of their application.

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Thebe Circle 2819, Ext. 10

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